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FRESH OFF THE PAGE: me and the words

My whole life, writing has kept me alive. Whether it was keeping a private journal, composing poems in notebooks I quickly stashed away, or writing stories as an English major my first time through college and then on my own afterward, it has always been a cherished, unequaled outlet for my […]

In My Father’s Hands

Despite their fragile state, every winter I’ve continued to wear a pair of my dad’s old, rough woolen mittens. Parts of them have been literally hanging on by a thread, brown suede-covered palms and tattered Thinsulate lining in danger of coming loose and falling away entirely.  I have grown careful with them over the years, saving them […]

Sister on the Page

This morning I am feeling very quiet. The energy of the day feels heavy, hard and I think I would rather hide myself away. Go back to sleep, wake up in a happier place. There is sadness and tragedy in the world, my small one and the larger one outside I […]