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FRESH OFF THE PAGE: be still, now

I’m not a person who doesn’t mind doing nothing sometimes. I usually find it easy, sitting for awhile, idle, content just to be. But often my mind keeps on running around, thinking of this or that, projects I want to undertake. Many times it starts in on trying to plan for […]

FRESH OFF THE PAGE: just in time

For the first time ever I’m visiting Hilton Head Island, SC. Midweek, there’s no one here and I’m fortunate to have the place mostly to myself. Or at least that’s how I feel. I sat down to write this poem this morning, minutes after taking an endless stream of photos of the sunrise. […]

FRESH OFF THE PAGE: no one could see

I’m not exactly sure where this poem came from, although I do have an idea. The words just came pouring out, one after another. Feelings of frustration, anger, resentment tend to do that, I guess. Once let loose, they returned to being quiet again. no one could see hidden among lambs lying in green […]

FRESH OFF THE PAGE: lost at sea

Every night when I go to bed I turn on my ocean sounds, listening to the surf as I fall asleep. For several years I used a bedside alarm clock that played different nature sounds; now, of course, there’s an app for that. I need the white noise and find it very difficult to rest […]