Tag: Nature

This is a poem I wrote several years ago, inspired by watching a show on the Discovery Channel about how the universe was created. Even though I had learned all the science in school when I was younger, I was struck again by the sheer miracle of it all. I think it’s an idea worth […]

Honeybees dance along a pair of delicate lace curtains hanging in my bathroom window. They are kind of an old-fashioned thing, lace curtains, but I love how the light moves through them on a sunny day, casting shadows and creating that feeling of soft warmth even in the winter. Especially in the winter. When, like now, it is […]

All the world feels like it’s hesitating to me sometimes. It is difficult to commit to any big decision, I think, some of them harder than others. So it feels better to stay in that gray place for awhile, wait to see what unfolds. I think I’m there right now. And I’m pretty sure I’m not […]