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Like Scarlett O’Hara, I felt like I was running back to Tara to find some strength. Only my Tara was about 1600 square feet with a cemetery just beyond the backyard.

“You take it all in. You let the pain of the world touch your heart and you turn it into compassion.” – Gyalwa Karmapa Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I do have a lot of things to be grateful for. But right now instead of gratitude what I’m thinking about is compassion. And about what a […]

Some mornings here at home remind me of past trips to the ocean. I know that might sound strange, there’s no beach or pounding surf anywhere to be found here in upstate New York. But it isn’t the sight of water, really, that takes me back. It’s the gray heavy sky, the wind in my […]

Most people I know say they hate to work. I get it, I have felt the same way when I had a job I didn’t like, a job I dreaded going to for eight hours, five days a week. Sometimes on weekends, too. A lot of artists and writers especially hate to hold down traditional […]

When I was starting to think about what I wanted to put up on this blog, everything I enjoy and wanted to share came rushing at me all at once. I didn’t exactly know where to start. People always tell me I have done so many different things in my life, and for a long time I […]