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red peony

The inner workings of the peony flower remind me of the ocean floor. I have snorkeled along reefs and seen the bright, silent landscape of that other world. Strange to find on land something so akin to the exotic coral or billowy anemones living deep underwater…

Every year I flip flop back and forth between loving spring or autumn more. They are rivals to me, both equally glorious in their own way, two beautiful sides of a single coin. As a gardener, writer and photographer, I always feel like I can’t quite make up my mind… But when I come back […]

I always feel a renewed sense of purpose, of my place in the spring time. My feelings of belonging, of knowing where I am and who I am in this world grow strong again. For me, the soil is a sort of sacred place, not frightening or filthy or just an empty place to put up a […]