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On the Run

Quite often in life, I’ve had to do things I didn’t like to do… taking on the task of running might seem like small potatoes at first, in reality it was more akin to climbing a mountain…


When I turned 34 I got a tattoo. My life had been transformed by yoga, Buddhism and Eastern thought, and I felt powerfully drawn to the symbol of the lotus flower and it’s story. I wanted to carry it with me always. A lotus flower lives below the water’s surface, roots […]

FRESH OFF THE PAGE: be still, now

I’m not a person who doesn’t mind doing nothing sometimes. I usually find it easy, sitting for awhile, idle, content just to be. But often my mind keeps on running around, thinking of this or that, projects I want to undertake. Many times it starts in on trying to plan for […]

Revisiting “The Artist’s Way”

Discovering the book The Artist’s Way can be life-changing. It outlines a basic 12-step program to uncover blocks and help free creativity. There is a spiritual although not religious connotation to the book, which might bother some people but that I found completely in line with my own feelings. A few years ago […]