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THROUGH MY LENS: strange bedfellows

Antique stores and flea markets have always been magical places for me. I used to frequent them diligently most every weekend, back before I started running out of places at home to display my finds. It’s always a fine mess inside, and a kind of happy one, filled with endless delights […]

THROUGH MY LENS: barn at sunrise

Where I live wide-open, empty fields abound. You can look for what seems like miles and find nothing but grassy acres awaiting crops of corn, wheat, or hay. Many times, however, there will be a dilapidated old barn sitting just on the perimeter, a crumbling memory of a farm’s former […]

THROUGH MY LENS: reception

   I was thinking back this morning to the wedding I attended earlier this month. It was one of the more memorable ones I’ve been to. Not for anything wild or crazy or particularly different – although the couple definitely made it a happy one all their own. This one […]

THROUGH MY LENS: unmerciful

  Last night I went to see the ‘The Revenant,’ and unlike a couple of women I heard leaving the theater behind me, it is not a movie I am in a hurry to watch again. It was bloody, violent, and unflinching, like the lives it portrayed, one definitely not for […]

Ready, set, go!

I am off this week on another adventure, heading to Boca Raton, FL, for a wedding. Part of me will be happy to escape the bitter taste of winter we’ve finally gotten if only for a few days. And that’s the part I’m focusing on, while the travel anxiety I battle brews, percolating […]