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I discovered this landlocked aluminum canoe laying dormant in the backyard on my recent trip to Pennsylvania. The bottom of its hull was covered in scratches from years of sliding over rocky river bottoms. You could still see them under the moss now covering its silvery surface. Clearly it had led a busy, active life […]

Antique stores and flea markets have always been magical places for me. I used to frequent them diligently most every weekend, back before I started running out of places at home to display my finds. It’s always a fine mess inside, and a kind of happy one, filled with endless delights and meaningless trifles. Over the […]

As I close down for another day, prepare to shut my eyes and fade off into sleep, this quote about waking up, instead, filled my mind. I think the gist of it is, this world is, or should be, miracle enough for us. And once we can see that truth, only then is more ever […]