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I remember a time when creating black-and-white images required a whole lot more than just a click a of the mouse. When hours spent processing negatives through a series of chemical-filled trays would give me a headache, a high or probably a bit of both afterward, and I waited for what felt […]

FRESH OFF THE PAGE: be still, now

I’m not a person who doesn’t mind doing nothing sometimes. I usually find it easy, sitting for awhile, idle, content just to be. But often my mind keeps on running around, thinking of this or that, projects I want to undertake. Many times it starts in on trying to plan for […]

FRESH OFF THE PAGE: just in time

For the first time ever I’m visiting Hilton Head Island, SC. Midweek, there’s no one here and I’m fortunate to have the place mostly to myself. Or at least that’s how I feel. I sat down to write this poem this morning, minutes after taking an endless stream of photos of the sunrise. […]

Jack’s Place

In my possession I have an unusual memento, a family heirloom I’d bet few other people can lay claim to: my father’s bust. And I don’t mean his bosom. What I am referring to is a green, surreal, bodiless head mounted firmly onto a steel rod and cemented in a […]

THROUGH MY LENS: Girl on fire

This chilly Sunday morning I’m thinking about fire. On the one hand, it can be a very frightening thing– I live in an old house with a woodstove and equally aged wiring in some places, so there is always an awareness of it’s power to destroy. No doubt about that. […]

THROUGH MY LENS: Shooting the Moon

There is a beautiful, secret place hidden behind Smithsonian Castle in Washington. Though all the surrounding gardens are lovely, the Moongate Garden pictured above was a true treasure for me to visit. It is arranged on such symmetrical, visually pleasing lines, and filled with perfectly placed trees, shrubs and flowers, that it […]

THROUGH MY LENS: November surprise

Hellebores are normally an early spring blooming perennial, say March or April,  but I discovered this one yesterday poking up through all the leaves in one of my garden beds. Quite an unexpected but very pleasant find for this time of year. It may indicate that nature’s clock is a […]