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A couple weeks ago I returned to my Thursday afternoon painting class, an outlet I always realize I miss very much after my teacher, Joan, closes our sessions down for the summer and during the holiday season. I felt the same mix of relief and relaxation spark up as I started working again on this painting […]

The Woods at Marly, 1871, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” – Camille Pissarro I think, according to his statement, that the painter Camille Pissarro must have felt like a truly blessed human being. His paintings portray common men and women in simple, natural landscapes, doing ordinary and everyday things without […]

Inside the only stall of a women’s bathroom at the hospital where I work, a garden of bright pink, flowery faces greets my every visit. On the opposite wall there is a similar bunch looking down, some smiling, some frowning, growing together in their rather strange field over matching pink tile. The bathroom decor is clearly old, maybe from the 1960s or […]

 Last Saturday I went with some friends to my local paint and sip, a place where mostly women congregate to create a kind of paint-by-instruction piece and drink at the same time. I’m sure the wine and beer are meant to help loosen everyone’s creative inhibitions, but I also think they can end up making the paintings look a lot […]

The rest of the afternoon I spent painting, looking out on the ever-changing landscape that is water and sky. I had never painted in the great outdoors before, and it had it’s fair share of challenges. Like, how do I keep up with the colors when the light changes all the time? But I finished my little painting in just a few hours…

To me, it’s just dreamy inside this iris. I love how the soft lavender, blue and cream colors contrast with their stronger versions, and how bold it is in its invitation to be pollinated. Who could resist that golden caterpillar-like tongue? It just looks too delicious to pass up!

Frankly, I’m surprised Georgia O’Keefe didn’t paint more of them…

Each week I take an oil painting class. I have gone for over a year now and completed four paintings, which I think is a pretty good number. So far I have worked mostly from my close-up flower photographs, trying to recapture with paint the feelings each image produces in me that I can’t quite […]