Category: Nursing and Health Care

Yesterday I drove almost an hour one-way taking my 8-month-old kitten Clark for an ultrasound of his abdomen. We made the trip in good time, despite my fears that at any moment something would cause a delay or setback. He sat quietly in his carrier, watching cars and the landscape pass outside the window. It was […]

Inside the only stall of a women’s bathroom at the hospital where I work, a garden of bright pink, flowery faces greets my every visit. On the opposite wall there is a similar bunch looking down, some smiling, some frowning, growing together in their rather strange field over matching pink tile. The bathroom decor is clearly old, maybe from the 1960s or […]

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Maria. We tend to have conversations about serious stuff which I love, about life and art, our mutual scars, what we think of the world outside. I always seem to come away from our visits feeling very energized, with lots to think and write about, and yesterday was […]

Most people I know say they hate to work. I get it, I have felt the same way when I had a job I didn’t like, a job I dreaded going to for eight hours, five days a week. Sometimes on weekends, too. A lot of artists and writers especially hate to hold down traditional […]

I’m a quiet person, not much of a talker. But I don’t think you would know that here with all I seem to have to say. And I’m not quiet because I don’t think I have anything to offer in conversation. I’m quiet because I prefer to listen. You learn a lot more that way. […]