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A Writer’s Gift

Some of you who read my blog may notice I have started posting a lot more this week. Over the weekend I attended a blogging workshop held by Jon Katz and Maria Wulf down at Pompanuck Farm Institute, a beautiful place where the ideals of living a creative, inclusive life in […]


Today is my birthday. I am the age I titled this post. I remember thinking when I was in my 30s that 40 seemed so old and far away. Now it is here, has been for awhile, and it isn’t so bad. In fact I think it is better. Twenty years […]

ON MY SOAPBOX: Hit and Run

Driving home tonight I passed two skunks, a porcupine, and a raccoon, all dead. Squashed in the road and left to be food for crows. Every day and night animals are killed by cars. You know, you see them: squirrels, woodchucks, skunks, opossums, raccoons, cats, dogs, birds, deer – they seem […]

Finding the Old Oak: A Love Story

Barbed wire pierced the trunk, bark having grown up and around it, becoming a part of the tree itself. Roots as wide as my arms and legs tumbled down into and ran among the gray stones. It was hard to tell where the tree started and the wall began. At that point, it didn’t really seem to matter: They were one, the wall and the tree, as they had been for a century…

The Long Road Home

Traveling along through the early evening, I watched the clouds roll away and the sky clear, shocked by the red riot of the sunset, and followed the path of the mists curling across the hills and down into the valleys, still clinging here and there to some odd anchor. I watched the light fade, the long light I love so much, and the shadows start to overtake it all. It was gorgeous and devastating, peaceful and powerful both at once…


One of my favorite spring wildflowers is the trout lilly. They grow in vast groups through the woods surrounding my pond, tiny armies marching their way beneath trees, around rocks, and through shrubby undergrowth. Every spring I get so excited when their little leaves first sprout up, and wait eagerly for that short […]