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This poem came about during some spring cleaning. I realized as I was sorting through all my stuff just how much of it there was, and how I had not looked into or seen much of that same stuff for a very long time. Some of what I have stored up […]


This was the view in my old and overgrown apple orchard a few years ago. Yesterday it rained here, then snowed, and lastly hailed. Maybe it was more like May when the photo above was taken, but that sure feels a lot further away now. I woke up this morning to an icy sheet […]


This poem was inspired by this past weekend’s annual ritual of cleaning up after the small army of maple and locust trees in my yard. I like to believe that if I can find beauty in even a small task, some meaning or enjoyment in it, then that task is a lot less tedious (even […]

The Madonna and me

Many years ago my father took a trip to northern Italy, his mother’s birthplace. My tiny Italian grandmother had arrived in America on a boat, accompanying her new husband after World War I. They settled in my grandfather’s hometown just west of the Missouri river and, as far as I […]

Healing through creativity

Creation can mean salvation. Whether it’s visual or verbal, having an outlet to process thoughts, emotions, and personal struggles is a life-giving force. Translating those experiences into words, pictures, or some other tangible form heals on a fundamental and spiritual level in a way few things can. In my job […]