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From poems rooted in darkness and those reaching toward the light, to poems filled with spirit and ones that strive to pierce the heart– all can be found here in my two published collections of works.

My first book, Gone to Ground, features my poetry and a few personal essays, alongside some of my photography. The subjects mostly find their source and inspiration in the joys and struggles I faced in my rural life.

My newest book, To Catch the Light, explores a more intimate look into relationships and the human heart, while still finding comfort and the answers to some of life’s harder questions in a connection to nature and the everyday world around me.

Both collections illuminate my own deeply personal experience– the highs and lows, the lessons learned and those not– of trying to navigate life’s ever-changing tides. They tend to find their best and brightest beginnings in my connection to and profound reverence for the natural world. My deepest hope is that you will find your own inspiration within their pages.

“… Her poetry is beautiful, subtle, strong and with great emotion. I’ve seen all of these poems and read others, Jackie is exceptionally thoughtful and poignant in her work. I recommend it with the greatest enthusiasm. I’ve urged her to get this work out into the world so people can see it, and I doubt anyone will be disappointed. She is brave as well as talented.”   — author Jon Katz

Thoughtful, insightful and spiritual, “Gone To Ground” touches the core of your being in an meaningful way. It is an inspiring reminder of the beauty of the simplicity and humanity and the connections of the physical world in which we are immersed… Reading Ms Thorne feels to the soul like taking a deep cleansing breath.”   — Diane T.