New poem, “Nightfall“

After the storm and rain
had gone, my small world now
at peace, I took myself out,
into the dusty dark of evening,
and sat, beguiled, enchanted,
listening to the night fall
all around me, with the chimes
ringing softly in the cool wind,
and the scent of some distant fire,
woodsy and warm, drifting
to me, and overhead the moon,
a gray pearl barely visible
among waves of slate dark clouds,
looked down upon me quietly,
sharing in the beautiful song.

I love how all the animals and plants, the trees and shrubs, even the very ground itself, seem refreshed after a rainstorm. It feels like a release, all nature’s stress and tension getting washed away, usually taking some of mine along with it. Even the birds and other animals sense it, too, I think. Particularly as night is coming on, it feels like a good way to end the day.