New poem, “Run or Stay”

I find I cannot bury my head in sand,
ignorant, pretending the world
sits right with me these days.
At times I am a afraid, alone, feeling
angry, sad, and overwhelmed
by doubt, that this center will not hold,
that troubled times are coming
again, far worse than we know now.
Fears big and small rarely leave me,
while I plot, and plan my own escape,
wondering, when the times comes,
if would run, or stay to stand my ground.

This poem is my small homage to the events of one year ago today that took place at the U.S. Capitol. I have been reading a lot about the attack: analysis and opinions, who, where, and what to blame, and most frighteningly to me, how that day was only the beginning of what’s to come.

What I haven’t read anywhere is what ordinary people could do to help prevent or stop such things from happening again, if possible. No article I’ve found has any guidance on that, just dire warnings that we should all be very, very afraid (which I was already, thanks). So that leaves my mind free to wander, to imagine what I could do for myself in that scenario.

When it feels important but impossible to save the world, what then can we do to save ourselves? I wish I had a good answer, and a way to do both.