New poem, “Unblemished Snow”

My soul rests like unblemished snow
at times, fresh from leaden skies,
blanketing the cold earth smoothly,
white, shining, and so very clean,
untouched by any fallen footprints.
But always I must step forward,
breaking through such perfection,
cracking the crust, only an illusion,
covering the rough truth of life beneath.

I realized this is my first post and poem I’ve shared in a quite awhile. It was a busy summer and fall being outside in the garden, and taking my walks and runs (which I am enjoying even more now) around my neighborhood. But as the reality of winter finally settles in with the coming solstice and another season of pandemic precautions approaches, I find myself turning inward again to writing and art as usual. This poem arrived today along with a bit of snow, just enough to move me with the beauty all around.