THROUGH MY LENS: Faces in the water

I went on an early winter hike today through the woods around Lake Bonita, a small lake on the outskirts of Moreau State Park. No boats, not even kayaks, are allowed there, though fishing is permitted for those who don’t mind the walk in or out. And the beavers who live there, I’m sure, get their fill.

I had never hiked this particular trail before, though I’ve been through many other park trails in the past. The weather was perfect, and I was excited to see someplace new.

Not nearly as vast, or with the high peaks found further north in the Adirondack Mountains, Moreau is a much closer and more accessible park for many people in the area, including myself. It is also still quite pretty.

The lake was already frozen in many spots, though deceptively so. It is thin and shallow now, fool’s ice, if you will, and will not be walkable for awhile yet.

It was early afternoon, and the sun was not at the best angle for photographs. But I liked this one a lot, the play of light and shadow, and the contrasting textures of the glassy water and rough rocks.

A sharp glare of sun caught on the nearly frozen lake began to take another shape in my mind.

As I started looking at it more, a face began to emerge- the eyes were at the reflection of the treeline in the water, the sun’s glare a nose, and the rocks and ice along the water’s edge a mouth (albeit a slanted one). Maybe I’m just tired after the hike, but it wasn’t that hard, and my mind still feels pretty awake.

Now when I look at the photo, a face is almost all I can see. I can’t help but wonder if I somehow caught a glimpse of a lake spirit that lives there, and this was it’s way of showing itself.

Or maybe it was just a happy accident. Either way, I had a lovely day outside experiencing such a pretty and peaceful spot.

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