THROUGH MY LENS: Closing time

When I first saw this place on a trip several years ago with my ex-boyfriend to his hometown, I just had to take it’s picture. I usually only fall madly in love with the facades of really old buildings and churches (although I’m not at all religious), but for this small diner I made an exception.

I loved the bright colors, the unexpected and delightful use of stained glass windows, and the smaller, funny sign out front announcing the diner’s distance from both Provincetown, MA, and Long Beach, CA. Why these two locations were significant I don’t know, and unfortunately I never got the chance to ask.

This diner with it’s cheery facade in the tiny town of Towanda, PA, is now closed.

Curious, I Googled it and found the diner had sadly closed its doors forever a couple of years ago. I haven’t been back to the town and don’t know what, if anything, now inhabits the building, or if it’s even still there in some form at all. So I’m especially happy I decided that day to take it’s picture, and preserve my memory of it’s cool, quirky uniqueness.

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