THROUGH MY LENS: In a cat’s eye

I think cats are pretty amazing. I have three now, and a dog, too. I love all animals, really. But cats, to me, are particularly photogenic. Our domestic ones can go a little native at times, and it’s easy in those moments to get a glimpse of their wilder versions, the lions, leopards, and tigers.

I find their eyes especially beautiful, like windows into their souls, calling up thoughts of ancient times when they were worshipped as gods in Egypt and other lands.

There is a cool, old horror movie from the 1980s called Cat People that was one of my favorites growing up that comes to mind. It was artsy and dark, maybe even a bit weird, even by today’s standards. I won’t get into the plot too much, but to summarize: a young woman unwillingly turns into a large, black panther at times, and this causes a lot of romantic problems.

The special effects might look cheesy now, but it’s definitely worth watching for fans of 80s cinema.

I mention the movie mostly because it’s main theme song, performed by David Bowie, is also really cool. It still plays randomly in my head sometimes. In the song, there are lyrics that go, “See these eyes so green, I can stare for a thousand years. Just be still with me, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through.”

When I finally got this shot of my cat – her jade colored eyes caught in the morning light – it immediately started up.

Catching her half asleep, my elusive cat Siggy finally let me get this shot.

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