Now Sharing: Insta-poetry

Letting the words flow out into a whole new stream..

After a few years of posting just some of my photography, I’ve decided to join the growing ranks of writers and poets sharing their words on Instagram. It’s taken me awhile to embrace the idea of using the site (one more social media account to follow, ugh). Lately, however, I’ve begun to really appreciate it’s brevity and simplicity.

As Facebook becomes increasingly crowded with curated ads, some of the really good stuff (for me) is getting lost in translation. Scrolling takes up more time than reading, nowadays.

I also discovered that I find the limited space constraints of Instagram both an intriguing and challenging idea in which to say as much as I can with as few words as possible. The shortened format also seems to lend itself well to leaving a reader with questions as much as offering up answers – one of my own, private goals for my writing – something that I consider high praise when I hear it echoed back to me from someone.

So I’ll be creating new work, as well as sharing snippets of poetry (like the one above from my poem, “Bed of Coals”) and writing from my two books. Start following me on Instagram at #jacqlynthorne

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