THROUGH MY LENS: Taking chances

Out for a drive the other day, I stopped briefly at a roadside park along the Hudson River. It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was shining and leaves were turning bright colors and falling all around. I wanted to spend a few minutes sitting in the sunshine before making my way home to Glens Falls.

Spying a last few monarch butterflies flitting about, I started taking pictures. The river was pretty there, too, the water heavy, peaceful, and wide. I snapped several shots of the butterflies and the park, and when I reached for my water bottle, I noticed some writing in bright silver ink on the picnic table.

Such an odd token to leave behind, and so heavily underlined. It must have meant something significant to the author.

That lone word, “gambler,” (with a capital G) glinted in the sunlight. What an odd thing to write, was my first thought. Was it someone’s nickname? A wish? A warning? A confession? Or did they really just love the old Kenny Rogers song that much?

I’ll never know, of course. Or why it was important for the person who wrote it.

It was a kind of strange note to leave, and seemed to be trying to tell me something, like I was meant to read it. I don’t know why, and maybe it’s just my writer’s imagination. But I wanted to preserve the moment, for whenever a time comes that I need a little reminding to maybe take a chance of my own.