THROUGH MY LENS: taming dragons

In all my wanderings through beautiful gardens, I’m always fascinated by their stone inhabitants. Roaring lions, magical fairies, humble frogs and turtles- it’s interesting to find what people choose to capture inside their green and blooming landscapes in a kind of imaginary zoo.

But I find the fierce creatures, dragons and gargoyles- the monsters really- most telling of all. Symbols of myth and legend that would be truly terrifying to behold, brought low and conquered by a human hand. What are they meant to represent for us here? Why do we long for them in these places?

Maybe it’s the desire to find magic in the world, something that is missing so much in daily life. Like movies and books, or even computer games, gardens can be a place to escape to, someone’s own magical world they create all for themselves. It’s nice to be let into one, for a chance every now and then to discover another person has that same yearning, too.