(Not so) Fresh Off the Page: quiet calamity

fullsizeoutput_1Cleaning out my office cabinets last week I found the first book of poems I ever wrote. I believe it was written in high school English class, as some of the poems are illustrated with drawings and photographs that could only be from back then. Tucked inside was a copy of this poem, which was actually written even earlier in 8th grade. It is such a treat to find things like this and get a glimpse back at myself, who I was, and realize that though many things about me have changed, there are many more that have not.

Quiet Calamity

Loneliness is like a desert,
Dry and lifeless,
Beating down with fierce heat,
Barren of people and civilization,
Save the one who stands alone
Surrounded by it on all sides,
Til the inside becomes a desert.

Loneliness is a sound,
Like the wind in the trees,
Low, mournful and hollow,
Filling the ears and heart
With quiet calamity.

Loneliness is a deserted beach
After a rainstorm,
Bleak and lifeless.
Stretching endlessly to the horizon,
Everything silent,
Save the ceaseless lapping of waves
Against dirty, gray sand.

Listen to this poem read aloud here: