FRESH OFF THE PAGE: firewalker



so there you are
still coming closer,
daring to take
one more step further;
but I warn you–
you must be ready
to walk through fire
or on water,
nothing less, it seems,
will do anymore.

once I was burned,
now, twice shy;
but no faded flower,
no ready heart,
waits here anymore;
I’ll scorch the earth,
claim your head,
if you’re not watching
where you step.

I’ll hold your feet
up to the flames,
rake every word
over a bed of coals,
strike a match
to watch you wither,
all while dreaming
you are divine,
and devil forged together.

so walk a little faster,
come into the light,
let’s see what stuff
you’re made of–
fire or smoke,
embers or ashes,
just how much damage
can you endure
from one who burns?

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