THROUGH MY LENS: gallery girl

A young hostess waits to direct viewers through The One Gallery, Landscapes for Landsake exhibit, Maple Ridge Gallery, Coila, NY

On my way home from the Bedlam Farm Open House last Saturday, I stopped in at the opening reception for the Landscapes for Landsake charity art show, where proceeds from the sale of artwork go to benefit farmland conservation in New York State. A mix of people had come from far and wide for the event, evidenced by the variety of cars and license plates on display. It was a rainy day, and shiny Mercedes Benz’s and BMWs parked comfortably on the wet grass alongside trusty Subarus, Toyotas and a few old VW beetles. 

An old barn had been transformed into a wonderful gallery space, with art hanging from floor to ceiling everywhere I looked, including some gorgeous batiks from my neighbor, Carol Conklin. The first stop was The One Gallery downstairs, which showcased a single work by each artist. The young woman in the photo stood in the doorway greeting people as they moved in and out of the space, patiently directing them upstairs to the full gallery above (a job I couldn’t imagine doing for an hour much less several).

The barn’s old beams, worn wood walls and the subtle lighting made for a lovely setting on a dreary fall day, complete with local wine, beer and food to please patrons. It was a great venue designed to dazzle viewers, showcase the artists, and help farmers keep their farmland, and a terrific example of how the sometimes esoteric art realm can be of real benefit to the world it takes its inspiration from. 

Most of the pieces were well out of my price range, however. But I happily contributed my $5 admission fee toward such a great cause. And even though I couldn’t really afford to purchase anything, getting to experience all that beautiful artwork gathered together in such a perfect setting was treasure enough to take home.