THROUGH MY LENS: evening flight

evening flight
Evening Flight, Hartford, NY

During the summer and on into fall, hot air balloons traveling overhead are a frequent sight in both the morning and evening skies. I am usually sitting outside with my coffee or somewhere in the yard when I hear their strange kind of bellowing sound, like the breathing of a giant bird. Then everywhere dogs begin to bark. After that I know what it is coming my way, and I rush out toward the fields to see the balloon – sometimes two or even three- making its way through the air.

I have never been up in one, and though the tragedy in Texas this summer convinced me for awhile to never go up in one, when I find them flying above my house, seeing the fields and the distant Adirondack Mountains from up high, it makes me want to experience that view first-hand. It would be scary, I think, but also exhilarating, and a lot warmer I’m told than you would believe. Maybe one day I will get up the courage to go for my own evening flight. But for now I will enjoy the view of the balloons from down here, feet planted firmly on the ground.

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