FRESH OFF THE PAGE: no eyes to see

no eyes to see
no eyes to see

can I keep you
like a secret
burden in my breast?
one heart so hungry
for its desire,
bursting from my chest

waiting in darkness,
or awash in flame,
no difference to me;
this patient soul,
so fond of trying,
needs no eyes to see

love once fleeting,
still never found,
chasing through the night;
grasping at dust,
shadows and air,
settling for the light

shut the windows,
lock the door,
toss away the key;
holding tightly,
burning brightly,
this fire inside of me

I found the skeleton of this poem in one of my old notebooks. It was unfinished, lying in bits and pieces. I dusted it off and decided to work on it, to try and make the bones fit together again. It rhymes, which is not really my form anymore in the newer poetry I write. But I found it came easily again revisiting this one, helping bring it into life.

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