KITCHEN CREATIONS: blueberry-zucchini bread

blueberry zuchini bread
My finished version, yum! Love the bits of green and blue together.

I have decided to start adding recipes I love here to the blog. I am not the world’s most consistent, creative or competent cook, but I’m learning. I’ve certainly gotten a lot better over the years! Like any other activity or exercise, you have to do it more to get better. Practice may never make perfect, but if I can whip up something I’m happy with that’s good enough for me.

Lately I’ve actually been trying to follow the Paleo diet, not strictly really, but definitely reducing the amount of grains, in particular, that I eat. I haven’t missed bread that much. But then I went blueberry picking last week with my good friend, and the zucchini are starting to roll in from the garden…

So, how to combine all the tasty bounty? Just make some Blueberry Zucchini Bread, of course!I went looking on AllRecipes, my favorite site/app and found this recipe. It’s not Paleo-friendly by far. But it’s a great way to use up these two crops that tend to arrive at the same time. And it’s delicious, easy, and well worth the effort!

Instead of four small loaves I made two large ones. It took 1 hr. and 20 mins. to bake at 350 degrees. I’m sure more advanced cooks than me could reduce or substitute the oil, sugar and flour to make a healthier version. But I loved knowing I picked the blueberries and the zucchini fresh from the farm and garden!

blueberry zucchini bread recipe

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