FRESH OFF THE PAGE: in between

in between

Even with all the wonderful things happening for me right now (publishing my book), having poetry readings lined up) my mind sometimes still turns toward the less that pleasant ones. But I think that is what serves my writing best, really, seeing both sides of things, through to the gray, twilight areas of my heart. This poem is about those places.

in between

there dwells a darkness
in my spirit that sleeps,
then wakes;
there lives a hardness
in my heart that burns,
then quietly dies

there waits a coldness
in my flesh that I forget,
and then remember;
there lies a weakness
in my will that suffers,
but survives

shadows fierce, bound 
inside my suit of skin
ready, every moment
to rise up blazing,
meet the light,
and stare it down

but all in me is not
darkness, or blinding light,
mist is what I know,
where truth takes root
growing clearer,
somewhere in between

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