A Visit to Bedlam Farm

Jon’s photo of Flo and I at Bedlam Farm

Yesterday I dropped off copies of my book to Maria for the Bedlam Farm Open House, June 25-26th in Cambridge, New York. I was so happy to give the books to her and am really looking forward to reading. It’s going to be a wonderful event for our area, with lots of artists, writers, and a lot of terrific work to see and/or take home. And I’m very excited to be a part of it.

We had tea and talked, checked out Maria’s work and their gardens, visited with all the animals. She and Jon are very busy getting things ready for next week, and I was appreciative of sharing some of their time.

While I was there Jon sat me down for a photoshoot. It was a beautiful day, and though I don’t really enjoy having my picture taken, I knew better than to argue. Flo (one of their cats) came to sit with me in the rocking chair in the early afternoon sun (she clearly knew a cat lady when she spied one). And it ended up making a rather nice picture.

Jon and Maria both wrote very complimentary posts about my new book. I’m beyond grateful for their support of my work. You can read the posts here:  New Writer Rising: Gone To Ground: Selected Poems And Essays | Bedlam Farm Journal and Full Moon Fiber Arts – Original Functional Art from Recycled Clothes and Fabric.


2 comments on “A Visit to Bedlam Farm”
  1. Kathye says:

    Wow! Just ordered your book! I love what I have been reading on your blog and website! Your poems fan my inner flame…speak to me in knowing, wise ways…Congratulations! I look forward to reading every single one…Happy summer! A new fan from Vermont!

    1. Thank you so much!

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