AROUND THE FARM: The finest time of year

Every year I flip flop back and forth between loving spring or autumn more. They are rivals to me, both equally glorious in their own way, two beautiful sides of a single coin.

As a gardener, writer and photographer, I always feel like I can’t quite make up my mind…

But when I come back from a walk and see my home like this, in the golden light, with the plants just beginning to bloom, birds singing, I’m reminded that spring is about renewal. Hope, really, second chances, the promise of new life to come.

And that gives it some edge over autumn, I suppose. Even now, when I’m sore and tired from all the garden chores, I still feel such peace at the end of a long day. In the heat of summer, I hope I’ll look back on this time and remember. And finally close my eyes to rest awhile.