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Poetry book: Cover comparisons

My book of poems and essays is nearly ready for printing. I’m at the cover design stage, and looking for opinions on the cover options pictured below. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome. Please feel free to comment below or email me.

Book Cover 1

Cover 1








Book cover 3

Cover 2








book cover 4

Cover 3

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Jacqlyn Thorne

I've never really liked labels: I am this, I am that... But in the interest of introducing myself to the world, I can say that I am many things: nurse, writer, photographer, poet, painter, gardener, friend, armchair philosopher, counselor, nature lover, real-estate aficionado, movie buff, sometime yogi, and aspiring world-traveler. I think that's a pretty good list... for now. I want to become a bigger part of the vital, creative force I feel deeply at work in the world and connect with other people who want to do the same.

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  1. Most drawn to the first cover due to color and life and light but would suggest enlarging the picture to fill the whole cover.👍🏻😉

  2. I just read Maria’s blog and was led here to see the covers.
    Of these three, hands down, the top one gets my vote. It catches the eye.
    The bottom two, no matter how the colors are changed remains somehoe inert.
    The top one has a spark…. I’m guessing your poems do too.

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