New rocker, old friend

For years I had an old brown wood and wicker rocking chair sitting on the front porch. It had survived rain storms, blizzards, sun exposure and many ups and downs of human hind ends. It made so many moves with me, traveling from house to house, always having a place in the surroundings.

I loved my rocking chair. Sitting out on the front porch in it, watching the world pass by was a sometime occupation for me. It was an old friend. We’d seen a lot together, good days and bad ones, when sitting was the only thing I wanted to do. And as I’ve gotten older, after hours spent working in the yard or garden, sitting was more and more what I needed to do. Otherwise my back, I’m sure, would have revolted.

But after all, nothing is meant to last forever. In the last year or so it had finally begun to show its age, wicker snapping and breaking in some pretty significant places. So last week  I retired the old chair and went out and purchased a brand new rocker. Crisp and white, I put it together in under an hour. The old chair will live out it’s remaining days in some snug corner of the house, safe and dry.

With a pot of pansies at its feet, the new rocker feels fresh and like quite a spring treat for me. A new friend, taking the place of an old one. Made to better withstand the weather (and people, I think), it will hopefully see many days of spilled coffee, tired bottoms, dirty jeans, bags of groceries, and a package or two now and again. I’m looking forward to us getting acquainted.

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