FRESH OFF THE PAGE: bed of coals

A fire can feel like salvation sometimes. Although it has tremendous power to destroy, it also brings life and light, and is a blessing on a cold morning. This poem was inspired by finding, very unexpectedly, that even with neglect or poor tending, its’ embers can remain, lingering, full of promise. And I realized the same could said of human hearts, too.

bed of coals

turning over dust
to find smoldering
deep down, buried
beneath an ashen shroud
bright hearts burning
awake and alive

what a surprise
digging up the grave
of what I thought
was over, ended
a fire long gone out
learning life remains

cautious, careful
placing one by one
fuel to feed such
tender coals, still warm
awaiting the moment
sparks might fly

watching, hopeful
yet nothing comes
no light from darkness
all seems lost, wasted
when a tiny ember
catches my eye

alight now suddenly
kindled into fire
flames growing, kissing
smooth dark glass–
hungry hearts at last
reborn, beating faster

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