FRESH OFF THE PAGE: made my bed

This is one of the first poems I posted to this blog. I’ve been looking back through my collection in choosing ones to include in the book I’m putting together for a reading in June. This poem rhymes– a style which I find I’m moving away from– but I still really enjoy it. And I think it contains thoughts and feelings worth remembering, from time to time.

made my bed

every morning I make up the bed,
press down the rumpled pleats,
fluff my pillows in their cases
and tidy up the tangled sheets.

I wish it were such simple a task
to straighten up my life –
tuck in heartbreak, pull up sadness,
cover over pain and strife.

some choices lay like linen sheets
whose creases will never come out,
no matter how much I tug or iron,
or try to smooth them down.

nagging small reminders,
they are marks I would rather forget;
but there is no avoiding struggle
once the wrinkles are set.

so I learn to live with consequences,
make peace with all the mess,
resolving to try with each new day
to leave one wrinkle less.

Any thoughts or ideas on which of my poems I might include in my book? You can email me or leave a comment below. I would love to hear some suggestions!


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