FRESH OFF THE PAGE: waking the other

I have been working on this poem for a few weeks, trying to figure out what it meant, what final shape it would take after I initially wrote it down. Like most of my others it came quickly, announcing itself without much explanation. It’s taken me a little while to figure out what it was saying to me. I wonder what it will say to someone else?

waking the other

sleep ends broken
stirred hard awake
by devils, sighs
feeling their breath
warm on my neck
whispers in my ear

abandoning my bed
out I slip quietly
so silent, deafening
pulling back sheets
covering up my trail
through deep night

floating disembodied
across the cold floor
growing ghostly
heading out, heading in
seeking comfort only
solitude provides

pressing on, touched
with courage finally
unafraid, eager to dare
facing darkness on
its native ground
opening my eyes

finding to my surprise
my soft, steady heart
beating soundly over
conquered devils
defeated enemies
victorious and awake



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