FRESH OFF THE PAGE: don’t draw the blind

This poem arrived last night as I was following my usual evening routine of pulling down the blinds on my windows, shutting out the dark. The sun was setting so clearly and brightly in the sky just beyond, I stopped in mid-motion and stood there, watching, and instantly writing.

don’t draw the blind–
I want to watch
the sun set behind
gray leaden hills
the black line of trees
as clouds curl up
and away, whispering
goodnight to the day

I want to see it all
look behind the veil
at what day hides
down deep in her heart
what she dreams of
when she heads off
into slumber, slowly
drawing in the night

I will stay here
vigilant, noticing
that last gasp of light
whether soft or loud
the last clear ribbon
of sky just underneath
her heavenly skin
showing itself at last