As I close down for another day, prepare to shut my eyes and fade off into sleep, this quote about waking up, instead, filled my mind. I think the gist of it is, this world is, or should be, miracle enough for us. And once we can see that truth, only then is more ever possible. 

“This world we are born into- this complicated, difficult, hauntingly touching world-is the one whole thing. It is the world we awaken in, and awaken to. Our awakening is made of this world, just as it is. It doesn’t come from some other realm like a bolt from the blue, and you don’t go someplace else when you awaken. Awakening is not a destination, and meditation is not a bus ride. Awakening is the unfolding of an ability to see what has always been here. To see, more and more reliably, what is actually in front of you.” – Joan Sutherland