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I’d written the first part of this poem last month, scribbled it down in my notebook for safe-keeping. This morning I felt interested in revisiting it, exploring again the sentiment that gave it life in the first place. It’ a bit grim with its mortal thoughts and all. But most of the time I feel it’s best to write those ideas and feelings out, give them some room. They are, after all, real, and a part of life’s journey we’ll all have to face one day.

new womb

lay me down
into the ground
when I am done
till my bones
into the black soil
dig deep, dig true
not shallow
down to where
old stones turn
alongside the worm

let the new trees
find me there
roots taking hold
taking their fill
branches spreading
sowing their seeds
growing tall, strong
standing firm
against the wind
holding fast to life

to feel the earth
forever around me
a new womb
sprung from the old
taking me back
carrying me home;
all things return
to their origin
circles close in
only to open again

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Jacqlyn Thorne

I've never really liked labels: I am this, I am that... But in the interest of introducing myself to the world, I can say that I am many things: nurse, writer, photographer, poet, painter, gardener, friend, armchair philosopher, counselor, nature lover, real-estate aficionado, movie buff, sometime yogi, and aspiring world-traveler. I think that's a pretty good list... for now. I want to become a bigger part of the vital, creative force I feel deeply at work in the world and connect with other people who want to do the same.

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