THROUGH MY LENS: wait and see

lace curtain

Honeybees dance along a pair of delicate lace curtains hanging in my bathroom window. They are kind of an old-fashioned thing, lace curtains, but I love how the light moves through them on a sunny day, casting shadows and creating that feeling of soft warmth even in the winter. Especially in the winter. When, like now, it is minus zero outside.

Once warmer weather finally gets here, ladybugs and even a wasp or two will show up in the window (live ones), crawling across the panes in the growing sunlight. I’ve lived in many old houses and it’s a common thing to find them emerging from the cracks and crevices in March or April, spurred by the warmth. I look forward to the day when I’ll see them again, joining my lacey little bees in welcoming spring back to the world.