FRESH OFF THE PAGE: the stranger

I think there’s much to be said for facing our big fears. Ones you know deep down you want to, have to conquer (or at least try) at some point in life. I faced down a big one recently. And once the thing I dreaded so deeply didn’t kill me, all the power it had over me was gone. Or rather, I found there was nothing to be afraid of in the first place.

the stranger

walking now
into a den
of sleeping lions
treading softly
eyes, ears alert
awake, waiting
for one to stir
raise its gaze
follow my step
and rise up
mouth hungry
swallowing me
down, whole

many eyes open
watching, silent
letting me come
further along
deeper, bolder
with every step
I grow passing
teeth, claws
soft fur, breath
finding only
patience, permission

still unsure
curious, hopeful
feeling my breath
looking down
to see my skin
warm brown fur
my every step
so like theirs
claws and teeth
all my own
I lay down
turning over
belly soft, bare

resting here, quiet
among sisters
brothers, my kind
no longer wary
knowing now
I am welcome
I am home

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