FRESH OFF THE PAGE: morning, maybe

All the world feels like it’s hesitating to me sometimes. It is difficult to commit to any big decision, I think, some of them harder than others. So it feels better to stay in that gray place for awhile, wait to see what unfolds. I think I’m there right now. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

morning, maybe

heed this warning
fair and true
I may not be ready
willing or able, at all
to go this distance
travel so far afield
outside my castle keep
let my hair down
can you climb so high?
brave the shadows
coming to meet me
in thin whispers
as I tread lightly
through the deep dark
dangerous woods
taking root in my soul

fearing their grasp
hesitating, stranded
here alone with you
should I make
another step forward
take back my place
in our long story
or read over again
only those chapters
I want to remember?
time will tell me
if this morning
becomes yes
or no, never again
the answer hangs
loosely, threadbare
waiting beside you

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