From the Back Porch: First snow

This morning I woke up to find what I first thought was a really hard frost when I looked out the window. But no, it was snow. Real, white, fluffy snow, and it was still falling. Frankly, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

When I opened the back door to let my dogs out, a cold blast of air hit me straight in the face. Flakes of snow trickled in along with it, dusting the doormat. It was bracing, shocking, to feel winter finally, to see it, and really kind of a relief. I dashed back inside to start coffee and fire up the woodstove.

My reaction came as a huge surprise to me. I was thrilled at the sight of snow at last, almost giddy.

Without it, I realized, winter feels unfinished to me, like a cake in need of icing. Even if it’s just a dusting that will be gone by the afternoon, all feels right with the world again. And since the weather forecast is now calling for a uniquely mild winter, I’m going to appreciate this little bite of it while it lasts.