FRESH OFF THE PAGE: be still, now

sitting still
Beach House, Hilton Head, SC

I’m not a person who doesn’t mind doing nothing sometimes. I usually find it easy, sitting for awhile, idle, content just to be. But often my mind keeps on running around, thinking of this or that, projects I want to undertake. Many times it starts in on trying to plan for or anticipate the uncharted future, what I need to do today or tomorrow. Lastly, it will resort to reviewing my regrets, my failings, remembering what I could or maybe should have done differently.

But that’s the way our minds were meant to work, I think. Always on the move. Because without that sense of thinking all the time, we would never recognize calmness when we felt it. It would be a mental state we could never know, and we wouldn’t strive toward or appreciate the experience when we achieved it.

be still, now

in the quiet
warmth of sun
resting here
tranquil, at ease
with the world
moving fast
always around
me, holding on
no frantic rush
to go again
centered, calm
still as water
unmoved by
current or breeze
surface pristine
placid, peaceful
reflected down
deep inside me