FRESH OFF THE PAGE: no one could see

I’m not exactly sure where this poem came from, although I do have an idea. The words just came pouring out, one after another. Feelings of frustration, anger, resentment tend to do that, I guess. Once let loose, they returned to being quiet again.

no one could see

hidden among lambs
lying in green grass
carefully camouflaged
waited my soul
a wolf adorned in
pale sheep’s clothing;
no one could know
not even me
what would unfold
rise up from the grass
emerge from shadows
come crying to life
when my skin came off
but I felt a roaring
spill out of my chest
rolling and burning
chilling all the world
no you will not
take me back down
to the ground again
i will not hide anymore
among sheep
share their skins;
no more concealing
who I am
deceiving myself
wool over my eyes
the wolf at the door
howling now, is me