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Becoming St. Louis

Meditating quietly in the shadow of all the struggles I’ve gone through this year with my kitten Clark, has been his rather saintly brother, Louis. He’s become a calm port in a sea of storms, the yang to Clark’s yin. He’s grown into a daily fixture of home and hearth, as pets are, reminding […]



I remember a time when creating black-and-white images required a whole lot more than just a click a of the mouse. When hours spent processing negatives through a series of chemical-filled trays would give me a headache, a high or probably a bit of both afterward, and I waited for what felt […]

FRESH OFF THE PAGE: be still, now

I’m not a person who doesn’t mind doing nothing sometimes. I usually find it easy, sitting for awhile, idle, content just to be. But often my mind keeps on running around, thinking of this or that, projects I want to undertake. Many times it starts in on trying to plan for […]