Month: December 2015

All the world feels like it’s hesitating to me sometimes. It is difficult to commit to any big decision, I think, some of them harder than others. So it feels better to stay in that gray place for awhile, wait to see what unfolds. I think I’m there right now. And I’m pretty sure I’m not […]

Meditating quietly in the shadow of all the struggles I’ve gone through this year with my kitten Clark, has been his rather saintly brother, Louis. He’s become a calm port in a sea of storms, the yang to Clark’s yin. He’s grown into a daily fixture of home and hearth, as pets are, reminding me of both the home I […]

   Down south, I discovered, Christmas tends to look like this. At least, it does when you live on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. No snow, no bitter cold. Just shorts, flip flops and margaritas on the deck. As I watched, nothing else moved. The water was still, the gulls silent. Only the glowing […]

Here it is nearly Christmas, and I feel like I’m living inside a Twilight movie. It’s wet, rainy, and mild here in New York, a perfect replica of the Pacific Northwest. Winter has just vanished. It’s a bizarre trick of nature, one that’s stirred up memories of my holidays spent growing up in Missouri. They could be […]

“At one time you were a mountain, you were a cloud. This is not poetry, this is science.” – Thich Nhat Hanh On this, the Winter Solstice, the longest and darkest day of the year, I mostly think of light. The world sits on a cusp now, teetering at the precipice between two realms, with us riding […]

Inside the only stall of a women’s bathroom at the hospital where I work, a garden of bright pink, flowery faces greets my every visit. On the opposite wall there is a similar bunch looking down, some smiling, some frowning, growing together in their rather strange field over matching pink tile. The bathroom decor is clearly old, maybe from the 1960s or […]

This morning I woke up to find what I first thought was a really hard frost when I looked out the window. But no, it was snow. Real, white, fluffy snow, and it was still falling. Frankly, I couldn’t believe my eyes. When I opened the back door to let my dogs out, a cold blast […]