From the Back Porch: Listening to the wind

IMG_2294Many mornings like today I take my coffee and sit out on my back porch to watch the sky change. The chipped blue stone floor is always cool, very cold on mornings like this. Wearing my thick slippers and wrapped in my fluffy winter robe, I drape a blanket over my lap to sit and listen to the morning come.

Some of the songbirds that stay for winter are visiting the feeder and a few woodpeckers are out tapping away. I think I even saw one fly away from hole under the roof of my house. Lovely to think I will have a guest there to boot out next spring.

The porch faces west not east, which gives me a different perspective on the sunrise. I could sit out front, there’s a porch there, too. But I prefer my view out back most times. It’s like I’m watching the reaction of the audience instead of what’s happening on stage. And I hear the music nonetheless.

I have a set of wind chimes hanging on the porch that have followed me almost everywhere. House to house, they’ve tagged along. The wooden parts are faded and it’s cords are frayed, but the metal pipes still sound true. They are dancing this morning, singing along with the breeze.

Sometimes that song is loud and harsh like during a storm. The southerly wind that blows down my hill can be brutal, downing trees. The chimes echo that fierceness. Other times the song is soft and gentle with a summer breeze. And there are moments when they will only play a note or two every now and then, as if to just remind me their voice is still there.

I love the high clear sound, the knowledge that no notes they play will ever be the same or ever heard again. They are one of nature’s instruments and through them I can hear it’s song.

Last night it was strangely warm. A rainstorm moved in and the wind is still blowing, pretty strongly at times. And I can feel much colder air coming. The chimes are speaking to me of winter now I think, giving voice to the heaviness of the clouds and the bareness of the trees, the harshness of the season ahead. Whether I may like their music or not, I always appreciate listening to their song.