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A walking stick hangs out on the house this summer

A walking stick hangs out on the house this summer

I love finding walking sticks. They are masters of camouflage so I’m always pretty impressed with myself when I manage to see one. This guy wasn’t too hard to spot, however. I’m not sure why or how he thought he was being stealthy here.

I always marvel at how fragile they appear, how alien. They are a reminder to me that there is a whole version of the world I will never experience. What they see I will never see, what they know I will never know. How they move through their lives will never be how I move through mine.

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Jacqlyn Thorne

I've never really liked labels: I am this, I am that... But in the interest of introducing myself to the world, I can say that I am many things: nurse, writer, photographer, poet, painter, gardener, friend, armchair philosopher, counselor, nature lover, real-estate aficionado, movie buff, sometime yogi, and aspiring world-traveler. I think that's a pretty good list... for now. I want to become a bigger part of the vital, creative force I feel deeply at work in the world and connect with other people who want to do the same.

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