Morning Moon

FRESH OFF THE PAGE: “A Restless Dark”

I wrote the following poem last night right after I went to bed. The lights were shut off, the animals settled around me. But I lay there and heard it in my head, felt it in my body, it needed to come out. The title was already there; in fact, that was the first line I heard. I had my phone by the bedside, so I just typed it in as it came to me, line after line. Then it was done. And once it was, I was free to sleep.

I have not edited it yet, everything is written just as it emerged, no punctuation added or capitalization, both of which are tough for me to not tinker with before showing anyone. In my efforts toward relaxing with my work, just letting it flow, I am putting it out there in it’s unrefined state. I’m not even sure what it means for me. Maybe someone who reads it will understand better than I can.

a restless dark

i heard the voice
in my sleep
awakening at night
calling me back
from dreams
listen up it said
don’t shut your eyes
and ears
to the restlessness within
you’ve much to say
words to speak
let the conversations go
set them free
stir up memories
peel off scabs
show your scars
bare your bones
bury the dead
no rest for the wicked
or the weary
only truth can bear
such a weight
miles to go now
long miles
before you sleep
this night