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In keeping with the travel theme I seem to have going (and am enjoying), I felt like sharing this photograph today. Several years ago I took a trip to Myrtle Beach with one of my best friends. We brought two of her daughters along who were young enough at the […]

THROUGH MY LENS: Shooting the Moon

There is a beautiful, secret place hidden behind Smithsonian Castle in Washington. Though all the surrounding gardens are lovely, the Moongate Garden pictured above was a true treasure for me to visit. It is arranged on such symmetrical, visually pleasing lines, and filled with perfectly placed trees, shrubs and flowers, that it […]

THROUGH MY LENS: November surprise

Hellebores are normally an early spring blooming perennial, say March or April,  but I discovered this one yesterday poking up through all the leaves in one of my garden beds. Quite an unexpected but very pleasant find for this time of year. It may indicate that nature’s clock is a […]